Virtual Tour: Playground Zero, A Novel

Virtual book tour - Playground Zero: a coming-of-age novel by Sarah Relyea

Playground Zero on virtual tour

Save the Date!  Saturday, June 27 at 4:40pm 

Playground Zero virtual book launch & reading. Sponsored by 440 Gallery.

The event is free, but you must register in advance.


Playground Zero virtual tour: June 9–July 8

Even with in-person events canceled throughout New York City and much of the United States, you can still help celebrate the release of Playground Zero by following the links below.

The Playground Zero virtual tour runs from June 9–July 8 and includes book giveaways, reviews, podcasts, essays and articles by author Sarah Relyea, and more.

Playground Zero was published on June 9.

Book Giveaways

June 12-June 25:  Goodreads (giveaway)

June 13-June 26:  So Many Precious Books (giveaway)

June 16-June 23:  The Burgeoning Bookshelf (giveaway)

June 25-July 8:  Have Coffee Need Books (giveaway)

Reviews of Playground Zero

June 9:  Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews (review)

June 10:  Impressions in Ink (review +)

June 15:  Touched by Ink (review)

June 16:  The Burgeoning Bookshelf (review)

June 25:  Have Coffee Need Books (review)

Book Trailer

June 21:  Novels N Latte Book Club (trailer)

Excerpt from Playground Zero

June 20:  Historical Fiction Excerpts (excerpt)


June 22:  Reading & Writing Podcast hosted by Jeff Rutherford (podcast)

June 23: Erratic Dispatches hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi (podcast)


June 13:  So Many Precious Books (spotlight)

Sarah’s Essays and Articles

April 10: Women on Writing Blog: “Brooklyn under Lockdown” (essay)

June 9:  Writer Amy Shannon Blog (Q&A with Sarah Relyea)

June 11:  Savvy Verse & Wit: “A Writing Space in a Plague” (pictorial essay)

June 17:  Books by Women (Q&A with Sarah Relyea)

June 18:  The World of My Imagination: “Writing a Stealthy Pandemic Novel” (guest post)

June 19:  Dirty, Sexy History: “Coming of Age as Simone de Beauvoir” (article)

June 25:  Have Coffee Need Books: “Berkeley in the 1960s: An Unforgettable Character” (essay)

June 26:  Women on Writing Blog: “From Protest to Plague and Back Again” (essay)

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